West Broadway Homes

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Year Completed: 2004
Total units: 133
Total Development Cost: $35.7 million
Management Company: Corcoran Management Company
Contact: For more information or to apply for housing contact Fern Mullen at 617-269-1545 or by email
West Broadway Homes, also known as West Broadway IV, is the fourth and final phase in the redevelopment of the Boston Housing Authority’s West Broadway public housing development.   Built in 1949, West Broadway is a state-supported public housing development.  Its redevelopment has been carried out in phases funded by the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

Earlier phases involved the renovation and reconfiguration of most of the buildings in the development, while the 7 buildings in this final phase have stood vacant for over 15 years due to financial constraints.  Two of those vacant buildings were demolished to make way for the Laboure Center, a brand new community services center that opened in Fall, 2002. 

West Broadway IV includes the demolition of the remaining vacant buildings at the site and new construction of 133 townhouse public housing units.  The project was developed through a creative financing plan made possible by a collaboration among the Boston Housing Authority, the City of Boston, DHCD, and private investors.

Redevelopment Plan:

  • Demolish the remaining five vacant buildings and construct 133 new townhouse units
  • Construct new streets to allow better circulation and street frontage for all houses
  • Add 102 new parking spaces (120 on and off street spaces total)
  • Design to match community context: 3-4 stories, wood frame, pitched roofs
  • Larger ground-floor units with private yard space; smaller upper-floor units each with private deck space
  • Each new block of houses has its own playground
  • Implement a site-based waiting list
  • 20% of units will be made available to over/underhoused families at the existing West Broadway site

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