Fiscal Department

The Fiscal Department includes the Fiscal Affairs Division, the Budget Department and the Finance and Accounts Department.

The Fiscal Affairs Division

The Fiscal Affairs Division coordinates the activities of the Budget, the Finance and Accounts, and the Procurement Department to ensure compliance with overall Boston Housing Authority (BHA) financial objectives. 

The Fiscal Affairs Division is responsible for:

  • Developing financial policies
  • Improving efficiency of operations
  • Providing analysis of the financial implications of various policies
  • Maintaining external relationships as they relate to financial matters 
  • Promoting and sustaining BHA’s financial health

Budget Department

The Budget Department coordinates the preparation and implementation of all housing development and department and program operating budgets. BHA receives subsidy funding based on these budgets. The Authority's total budget is approximately $300 million a year.

The Budget Department is responsible for:

  • Preparing budgets for federal, state and local grants
  • Projecting future costs and funding availability to determine BHA’s financial position at any time
  • Monitoring and distributing monthly budget to expense reports
  • Notifying management of potential or actual budget overruns and recommending corrective actions in an effort to control costs
  • Ensuring the continued viability of BHA’s ability to provide housing services to residents of the City of Boston

Phone: (617) 988-4052
TTY: (800) 545-1833 ext. 420
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Finance and Accounts

The Finance and Accounts Department is responsible for the following functions:

  • Payroll processing and distribution
  • Disbursements to vendors or “Accounts Payable” requisitions and allocation of funding
  • Investment of funds
  • Tenant accounting information
  • Program accounting functions
  • Central files recordkeeping
  • Cash wire transfers
  • Account reconciliation

Phone: (617) 988-4052
TTY: (800) 545-1833 ext. 420
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