Leased Housing

The Leased Housing Division administers Boston Housing Authority's (BHA) federal Section 8 program and several other rental assitance programs. These programs subsidize thousands of eligible families in privately-owned apartments, providing an alternative to BHA's conventional public housing programs. 

Phone: (617) 988-4400
TTY Phone: (800) 545-1833 ext 420
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Leased Housing Inspection Department

The Leased Housing Division includes the Inspections Department, which performs regular inspections of BHA's subsidized units to ensure compliance with all applicable sanitary codes and program requirements.

Phone: (617) 522-0048
TTY: (800) 545-1833 ext. 420
Fax: (617) 524-9134

Inspection Dispatchers:
North of Boston: (617) 988-5308
West of Boston: (617) 988-5313
South of Boston: (617) 988-5349

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