Requests for Reasonable Accommodation

What is a "request for a reasonable accommodation"?

A request for a reasonable accommodation is when a BHA client with a disability requests a change to one of BHA’s policies, procedures or practices in order to provide the client with an equal opportunity to use and enjoy BHA housing and programs that they otherwise could not due to their disability. "Reasonable accommodation" also includes physical changes to units that an applicant or resident may need due to a disability.

It is BHA's policy to provide accommodations in accordance with the requirements of disability law. The policy also supports BHA's goal of providing stable, quality and affordable housing to low- and moderate-income persons regardless of disability. 

Who should read this?

  • Applicants for/residents in BHA Public Housing; or

  • Applicants for/participants in the various programs administered by the Leased Housing Department, such as the Section 8 HCVP, and the Mod Rehab and PBV programs.

The BHA’s full reasonable accommodation policies may be accessed here.

Requesting help from the Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator

If you think you need a reasonable accommodation you may contact the BHA's Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator who can answer questions on this topic. You may call (617) 988-4377 (TTY: 800-545-1833 ext. 420) at any time in the request process to talk with the Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator. 

The Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator can help you determine what kinds of accommodation may be considered reasonable and meet your needs, and can also assist if you:

  • Have questions about information that is requested from you

  • Need help understanding the BHA reasonable accommodation policies and procedures

  • Have concerns about how your request is being handled

Please note: The Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator does not make final decisions on requests for accommodation.


Reasonable Accommodation FAQs.  Please note that these FAQs provide only a general summary of how BHA approaches requests for reasonable accommodation.

Reasonable Accommodation Forms

Reasonable Accommodation Policies 

Reasonable Accommodation Requests Related to Communicating/Interacting with BHA

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