Police Division

The department works closely with management staff, residents, community organizations and other law enforcement agencies to enhance neighborhood policing and security services across the City’s public housing communities.  

BHA Police also work closely with the Boston Police Department, which provides emergency services to BHA residents. The Police Division is responsible for:

  • Deterring and detecting criminal activity providing patrols (including vertical patrols through BHA buildings and hallways).
  • Meeting with residents and BHA staff about quality of life and other issues.
  • Investigating internal public safety related matters within BHA.
  • Operating the Video Surveillance System which consists of approximately (300) cameras.

All police officers have completed full time police academy training as required by the Massachusetts Police Training Committee and licensed by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POSTC) and have full police powers on all property owned or controlled by BHA. BHA works in close partnership with BPD HQ, disctricts, specialized units and other law enforcement agencies. 


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