No Trespass Policy

Boston Housing Authority (BHA) developed the No Trespass Policy to provide safety, quality of life, and peaceful enjoyment for its residents, visitors and employees. BHA will issue a No Trespass notice to individuals who commit crimes on or engage in illegal activity on BHA property. The notice can be issued by either the BHA Police or the local development manager. 

If someone has been issued a No Trespass notice, he or she is allowed on BHA property only as an invited guest of a resident. Those on the No Trespass list must travel directly to and from the inviting resident’s apartment, and may only converse in common areas. No wandering, loitering or unnecessary stops to and from the inviting resident’s apartment will be permitted. Residents who invite No Trespass offenders to their homes are responsible for his or her conduct while on BHA property.

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