Grievances and Appeals for Applicants

A Public Housing or Section 8 applicant who has been denied assistance, withdrawn from the waiting list, denied priority or preference status or denied a reasonable accommodation may be entitled to an informal hearing before a Hearing Officer.

Hearing requests must be submitted in writing within 20 days of Boston Housing Authority’s (BHA) decision. The Grievances and Appeals Administrator will schedule a hearing as promptly as possible. Notice of the hearing will be sent at least 14 days in advance to the address provided in the hearing request or, if none is provided, to the last address reported to BHA.

Hearing requests may be submitted by mail to:

Boston Housing Authority
Department of Grievances and Appeals
52 Chauncy Street
9th Floor
Boston MA 02111

By fax to 617-988-4301

By email to the Department of Grievances and Appeals

An applicant who is uncertain whether he or she is entitled to an informal hearing or has any questions regarding the appeal procedure should email or call (617) 988-4579; TTY: (800) 545-1833 ext. 420. 


Applicant Appeals FAQs

Hearing Request Forms

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Policy and Regulations for Section 8/Leased Housing Applicant Appeals

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Code of Federal Regulations
Code of Massachusetts Regulations

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