Forms for Architectural & Engineering Firms

A&E Firms submitting proposals to the BHA for HUD funded projects may utilize these forms in preparing their proposals. Proposers must verify that the forms contained in their RFP packages are the same as those provided here for convenience purposes before submitting their project proposals.

Forms are in MS Word format or as PDFs. Some files are protected. Users should open files as "Read Only" and the use "Save As" to save on local PC.

Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Participation

Non-Discrimination Clause

Minority and Women's Participation Provision

Organizational Information

Professional Capabilities

Summary of Work Experience

Experience of Project Team

Relative Experience Brief

MBE Questionnaire

WBE Questionnaire

Letter of Intent

Personnel Classification

Resident Employment - Section 3 Provision

Resident Employment - Section 3 Forms

Contract Information

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