BHA Landlord Wins Award

Office of Fair Housing and Equity recognizes BHA landlord as award recipient

The Office of Fair Housing has selected Mr. Philip Hou as the recipient of the Landlord Fair Housing Award which recognizes landlords and housing providers who not only provide safe, healthy housing, but who also provide housing that is affordable and accessible to all.

“There is no place for discrimination of any kind here in the City of Boston.” says Mayor Walsh. "This contest, in addition to efforts lead by the Office of Fair Housing will help raise awareness the fair housing is an issue Boston is deeply committed to."

Mr. Hou is the owner of a three family home in Dorchester where he rents to a large family that has two disabled members and whose first language is not English.  When the family approached Mr. Hou about renting an apartment in his property, he worked with the Boston Housing Authority to accommodate the family with a creative solution that involved utilizing the entire house and adjusting the family’s subsidy to better meet their needs.  Installing ramps and creating an accessible living space in order to accommodate the family, Mr. Hou proved his commitment and strong desire to house a family with unique housing needs.

“I feel honored and humbled to receive this award. In reflection, I’m thankful for all the support from the team at the Boston Housing Authority, who have provided an amazing level of support to my efforts over the past 5 years,” says Mr. Hou.


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