Other Amenities and Services

Phone, Cable and Internet

BHA is responsible for providing working Internet, cable and telephone connections in your apartment. You are responsible for the cost of connecting and using these services. 

Satellite dishes are permitted. Please consult your manager and review the satellite policy for installation instructions. 

Washers and Dryers 

Many elderly/disabled developments have laundry rooms with coin-operated washers and dryers. The availability of washer/dryer hookups in family developments is site specific and should be discussed with individual managers.

Air Conditioners 

You may install an air conditioner as long as it does not block a second exit from a room; for example, if a bedroom has only one window, it cannot be blocked with an air conditioner. This is a safety requirement in the event of an emergency. BHA does not provide air conditioners.

Common Hallways 

BHA staff clean common hallways on a regular basis. Between regular cleanings, it is the residents’ responsibility to help keep common areas clean. Pick up anything you drop and wipe up anything you spill.

Do not leave trash or store personal items (such as strollers or bicycles) in common hallways.


Each development has different parking rules and regulations. If you have a vehicle, you should ask the manager to explain the process for getting a parking permit. Most sites cannot guarantee parking for your vehicle. Repairing and washing vehicles are not allowed on BHA property. Do not park in handicapped spaces unless you have the appropriate placard. You also cannot park in front of fire hydrants or in a way that blocks access to dumpsters or wheelchair accessible ramps.

Private Yards 

Some apartments located at Franklin Field, Gallivan Boulevard, Fairmount, Orient Heights, Alice Taylor, Ruth Barkley and Mary Ellen McCormack have private yards. If you are assigned to and accept an apartment with a private yard, you are required to maintain that yard.

You may use the private yard for barbecues, as a children’s play area, as a sitting area, and for gardening. You must maintain it to an acceptable standard, including mowing the grass, trimming any bushes, and keeping the yard free of litter and clutter. You must also shovel the walk from your front door to the city sidewalk in the winter. If you are a resident of Gallivan Boulevard, you must also clear the driveway of snow if you have a car.

The maintenance offices at these sites have non-power equipment such as push mowers, rakes and shovels that residents may use to perform these tasks. You may not install permanent structures such as fences or swimming pools without written permission from management.

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