The BHA is revamping its approach to waste, recycling and compost. We are currently engaged in a complete revamp of our approach and we need your help to create a clearer, healthier BHA! 
Have you observed a non-BHA resident leaving their trash at a BHA dumpster? Submit an illegal dumping report here!
Have you seen other issues with dumpsters? Submit a ticket through our customer service center!
Learn more about our Charlestown waste, recycling and compost pilot and sign up here to become part of the compost pilot!

Submit feedback about the Charlestown pilot bins here!

See below for examples of what you can and cannot recycle at BHA dumpsters! In buildings with elevators, recycling bins will be located indoors near trash chutes where you dispose of non-recyclables. At family and garden style developments the recycling bins will be located outdoors, near the trash dumpsters. Pick-up schedules vary from development to development and your manager will let you know your pick-up day and other site-specific information.


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