Rental Relief 

The Boston Housing Authority is actively working with city and state partners to ensure that residents and voucher participants can access rental relief. Please see below for more information.
For BHA’s public housing residents:
Public housing residents can apply for assistance paying off back rent. If you have back rent (arrears) from March 2020 on, please contact your management office to fill out an application. You can also email
Residents with “pre-Covid” arrears can apply for RAFT with Metro Housing Boston. If you owe rent from before March 2020, apply for RAFT!
For renters and landlords in Boston with housing vouchers:
The City of Boston has a rental relief fund open to voucher holders. Section 8 or MRVP renters in Boston can learn more and apply for assistance here ( Property owners can also seek mortgage assistance. 
For voucher holders and landlords elsewhere in Massachusetts:
There are six regional agencies in Massachusetts that provide rental assistance. Several of these agencies serve areas where voucher holders and landlords may live. Look up your regional agency here: Tenants can apply for rental relief. Property owners can also seek mortgage assistance.
For additional support:
The Attorney General’s office (AGO) can help connect residents with rental relief or eviction prevention opportunities. Email the AGO here:

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