Civil Rights Protection Plan

Chapter 9:Records

The Office of Civil Rights shall act as the central repository for all documents pertaining to alleged violations. The Department must ensure that a file number is assigned to each case as soon as an incident is reported.
The Office of Civil Rights and each Development will maintain a log book of all complaints of threats, harassment, violence or abuse by tenants or their visitors, stating: 
1)     the file number
2)     the name, address and telephone number of the Reporter,
3)     a brief description of the complaint, and
4)     the name and address of the offender, if known.
The Office of Civil Rights will create and maintain an individual file for each incident containing records;
1)     detailing the administrative inquiry of the allegation, including statements of all witnesses and employees interviewed and;
2)     describing all actions taken by the BHA.
One file will be maintained for each person filing a report.  The same file will be used for any subsequent incident reports.  All documents associated with the incident(s) must be kept in this file.  Copies of all no trespass notices, restraining orders and injunctions relevant to the administrative inquiry will be kept in the case file.
The Office of Civil Rights Log Book will record all reported bias incidents on BHA property.
All records will be preserved for a period of no less than five years following the date of the incident.

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