Civil Rights Protection Plan

Chapter 1:Introduction

It is the policy and duty of the Boston Housing Authority to administer all aspects of its housing programs without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, familial status, veteran status, ancestry, age, genetic information, disability or handicap. This Civil Rights Protection Plan is designed to protect applicants, residents and their visitors from threats, harassment, violence or abuse while they are on BHA property.
Anyone who believes he/she has been victimized by an alleged discriminatory act in violation of his/her civil rights is strongly encouraged to report the incident to the BHA and the Boston Police Department. Employees who observe any act of discrimination must report the incident immediately. Whenever an incident is reported, BHA employees must adhere to the procedures contained herein.
The BHA has communicated to its residents and prospective residents that any harassment or interference with the civil rights of an applicant, resident or visitor will be prosecuted and result in eviction proceedings. In addition, the Authority has an educational program for employees summarizing the Fair Housing Act, the BHA’s non-discriminatory and “zero tolerance” policies and this Protection Plan.  All BHA employees share in the responsibility for complying with this Plan and maintaining safe public housing communities.
The Office of Civil Rights oversees the operation of this Plan and ensures that alleged civil rights violations are promptly reviewed and rapidly addressed. The BHA and Boston Police Department continue to work with one another to enhance the quality of life at housing developments, and to prevent or resolve allegations of unlawful conduct quickly.
This Protection Plan is intended to assist employees in identifying, reviewing, and resolving alleged civil rights violations in a competent and expeditious manner. The City of Bostonand the BHA remain committed to ensuring that all public housing developments are safe communities for everyone.

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