Civil Rights Protection Plan

Chapter 8:Non-Resident Offenders

When the offender(s) is identified but is not a BHA tenant or member of a resident’ household, the Housing Manager or Office of Civil Rights may in addition to the procedures contained herein, request the Boston or BHA Police Department to issue a No Trespass Notice against the offender. 
Housing Managers or the Office of Civil Rights may also request that the BHA Legal Department file a petition requesting the Housing Court to issue a preliminary injunction prohibiting the offender from entering BHA property.
The BHA Legal Department, where appropriate, will file a complaint  pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws c. 121B requesting the issuance of a preliminary injunction against the offender.
When Housing Managers or the Office of Civil Rights receive information regarding violations of trespass notices, temporary restraining orders, and preliminary injunctions, they must promptly contact the Boston Police Department and/or the BHA Police and request that these orders and notices be enforced.

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