Priorities and Preferences

Many applicants can qualify for more than one Priority and/or Preference.


Priority is a housing-related situation that affects your household’s present residential status. You may qualify for multiple priorities but you will be ranked with only the points of the highest Priority. Certain priorities are given more points than others, and you will always be assigned to the highest Priority for which you qualify. 

Federal Housing Program Priority Points
Super Priority 75
Supported Housing Programs 50
Priority One Applicants
  • Displaced Due to Disaster                                 
  • Displaced Due to Domestic Violence/ Dating Violence/Sexual Assault/ or Stalking
  • Displaced due to Being a Victim of Hate Crime
  • Displaced due Avoidance of Reprisal/Witness
  • Protection
  • Displaced due to Court Ordered no Fault Eviction
  • Displaced due to Government Action
  • For Disabled Persons only, Inaccessibility of a Critical Element of their current Dwelling Unit
  • Displaced due to Being Cost Burdened in Boston                   
  • Homeless
Standard Applicants 0


Preference points are cumulative and are added to Priority points.  You may qualify for more than one Preference at a time.

Federal Housing Program Preference Points
Veteran 3
Non-Elderly Disabled Household not requiring Wheelchair Accessible units (Family Developments/AMP only)           6
BHA Resident in Federal Housing Pro-Rated rent burden  3
Designated Housing not requiring Wheelchair Accessible units                          100
Displaced Boston Tenant 2
Residency Preference 1

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