Join the Whittier Choice Neighborhood Open House

A community conversation regarding plans to redevelop our Whittier Street housing development will take place this Wednesday (9/17)

The Whittier Choice Program Open House will provide an informal environment to discuss critical neighborhood improvements in Lower Roxbury. Boston Housing Authority’s Whittier Initiative includes plans to revitalize Lower Roxbury, building on the community’s strengths to capitalize investment while preserving its character.  More people and community focused, this initiative aims to improve the lives of its residents by providing safe streets, better access to quality education and job opportunities, and an overall healthier atmosphere.
Almost sixty years old, Whittier is one of Boston Housing Authority’s oldest and most deteriorated sites. Of the 200 public housing currently on Whittier Street, all of them will be replaced. In addition, several hundred brand new units will be built throughout the neighborhood and nearby areas. The goal of the combination of over 500 units of low, moderate, and market-rate housing is to form a connectivity such that subsidized housing won’t be so isolated.
In a recent interview with Neighborhood Network News, Kate Bennett from Boston Housing Authority and Jeanne Pinado from Madison Park Development Corp. discuss the Whittier Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan. Watch them talk about the redevelopment, job opportunities, the possibility of opening a new school, and health and wellness programs here: If you want to join the conversation, drop by the open house this Wednesday (9/17) from 5:30 to 7:30 at 2315 Washington Street, Dudley Square (see ad below).

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