Young BHA Resident Makes National Honor Society

A young man living in BHA section 8 housing obtains academic excellence in his junior year at Brockton High School.

Makhari Smith is like many teenagers living in BHA section 8 and public housing: dreaming big dreams and playing video games. But aside from that, he’s a 17-year old senior at Brockton high who recently made the National Honor Society. 

Since his freshman year, the young lad devoted himself to his studies—studying long hours for his favorite accounting class. His parents, Akinya and September Smith, always saw their son’s potential but began fretting over his academics in middle school.

“I used to get nervous when he’d spend so much time playing outside with his friends,” said Akinya. “But he snapped out of it pretty quickly and that’s what impressed me the most as a parent.”

Although, Makhari Smith was able to find a balance between his studies and social life rather quickly, many youths are falling prey to social pressure and consequences of growing up in a digital world.

For example, computers and cellphones, are technologies researchers consider very powerful in distracting today’s youths and adults. Studies have shown that multitasking with these devices habituate developing brains, thus making it difficult for youths, more than adults, to sustain focus, especially in classrooms.

However, researchers are suggesting the solution to getting young people to pay attention is having parents minimize their children’s computer and cell phone usage by encouraging activities that require using their imagination.

Coincidentally, Makhari currently expands his imagination by taking acting classes after school.

 “In my spare time I play basketball and take acting classes,” Smith said humbly. “I want to be an actor so I try my best in school to get good grades.”

The young scholar revealed that getting good grades meant sometimes struggling in his least favorite class: English. Hoping to obtain a decent grade for English in his last junior semester, Makhari leaned on his instructor, counselors and parents for extra support. At the end, he attained a B which placed him in a remarkable academic standing for the year.

Makhari’s mother, Akinya, said that consistency in his grades is what initially prompted his teachers to recommend his entry into the National Honor Society. She and her wife September, encourage parents to stay involved and to never give up on their children.

But Makhari, realizing that consistency could be hard to practice without family and school support, shared some inspirational words for young BHA residents who might be discouraged in their education while going through tough times in low-income and single-parent households.

“My advice is to never give up on your dreams,” Makhari said. “Always stay focused and confident, but ask for help from your family and teachers if you need to because they’ll help you through it.”


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Eugenia Smith
Keep on dreaming big and keep your head to the sky, that is where all great directions come from. You come from a loving family and that can get you through some of the hardest times, love you very much, Nana!
10/3/2015 3:45:05 PM
Eugenia Smith
With faith and hope that you believe what you dream and that dream will become a reality when you have the wisdow to appreciate it's value.

Soar as high as the sky, remember wherever you go their will always be a director. A director is someone who puts the words to movement. A director wants to look as good as you so the direction he gives you is also in his best interest.

You are a mathematician, and never lose the passion for numbers and understanding how the placement of each one tells a story. You will make a great CFO, but no matter where you dreams lead you, I will always love you, Nana
10/3/2015 3:32:39 PM
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