Relocation occurs when current Section 8/Leased Housing voucher holders wish to move to another apartment within Boston. 

Moving to Massachusetts from Another State

If you wish to move to Massachusetts with your Section 8/Leased Housing voucher from another state, you must request that your current housing authority send your voucher and portability package to the following BHA email address:

Please have your current housing authority email the package to the attention of the Portability Department.

The portability package should include copies of immigration status and verification if applicable, Social Security cards and birth certificates for all your family members as well as Form 52665 (portability form) and Form 50058 (family report form).

Once Boston Housing Authority (BHA) receives your portability package, you must schedule an appointment. You can request an appointment by email. Be sure to include your contact information. You are required to bring updated income information and evidence of eligible immigration status to this appointment.

Taking Your BHA Voucher to Another State 

You may use your Housing Choice Voucher anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with an agency in that location offering a Housing Choice Voucher Program.

If you choose to use your voucher in a location outside BHA’s Eastern Massachusetts service area, you are responsible to find a Housing Authority to administer your voucher. Once you determine where you would like to live and you have found a Housing Authority to administer your voucher, you need to make a request to your BHA Leasing Officer to send a copy of your file to that Housing Authority.

It is your responsibility to provide BHA with the name, address, fax number and contact person at the Housing Authority you will be working with. BHA will send your files to the Housing Authority and provide any additional information requested. 

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