Public Housing

BHA Public Housing comes in all sizes and types from scattered single-family houses to mid-rise apartments; studio apartments to six-bedroom units; and elderly/disabled specific communities. 

Residents will pay 30% - 32% of their total income toward rent. 

There are several factors that determine if someone is eligible for low income public housing or not.  Income, immigration status, criminal history are all among the factors considered.  The BHA application and associated forms provide the detailed requirements.  The Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) also provides policy regarding eligibility requirements.  You can find out which public housing communities you may qualify for by using the Housing Communities Search Tool. You can learn more about Public Housing Communities or browse the Public Housing Community map

There are several programs within Public Housing:   

  • Wheelchair Accessible Housing: If you are interested in BHA housing and require a wheelchair accessible unit, take a look at the communities with wheelchair accessible units. Use the Housing Community Search Tool, and check the box to the right of the question, “Is any member of your household in a wheelchair?” These units are equipped with a roll-under stove and sink, a wheelchair accessible bathroom and range from one to five bedrooms.
  • Family Housing: Anyone can apply for family public housing. Bedroom sizes range from studio to a few six-bedroom units.
  • Elderly/Disabled Housing: Eligibility for elderly/disabled housing differs based on how each community is funded. Applicants for state-funded developments must be at least 60 years old and/or disabled. Applicants for federally funded developments must be at least 62 years old  and/or disabled. Bedroom sizes range from studios to two-bedroom units. This program is called Elder Advantage and is intended to help elderly applicants find housing quickly.
  • Hope VI and Mixed Finance Housing Programs: Several properties have been redeveloped using a combination of public and private funding. Read more about communities that are part of the Hope VI and Mixed Finance Housing Program. If you are interested in one of these communities, you must apply at the property's management office (information is available on each community’s webpage). 

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