Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee is appointed by the Mayor of Boston to periodically review matters relating to the management and performance of Boston Housing Authority (BHA), and to report these matters to the Mayor. The committee reviews and approves the annual federal and state operating budget, the annual modernization applications, and all property dispositions which would reduce the total number of housing units owned by BHA. 

The Monitoring Committee is composed of nine members, at least five of those whom are BHA public housing tenants and one of whom is a BHA Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher holder.  The remaining members are community representatives. Members serve a two-year term and meet at least four times a year.

Mayor Michelle Wu recently appointed the following members to the Boston Housing Authority Monitoring Committee: Meena Carr, Matilda Drayton, Julietta Lopez, Eugenia Smith, Margarita Lebron, Dacia Morales, Jung Wing Lee, Ana Calderon, and Cokiena Fuller.  The Committee held it's first meeting on November 24, 2014 and plans to meet bimonthly.  Meeting notices will be posted on the BHA's website, the City of Boston website, and in common areas at the BHA's main office.  For more information regarding the Monitoring Committee, please contact Lydia Agro, BHA Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

The Monitoring Committee was established through state legislation in 1989.

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