Old Colony celebrates “U” in Community on Unity Day

Hosted by Tenant Task Force, Old Colony public housing residents celebrate their community at Michael J. Perkins Elementary school on unity day with city agencies.

Old Colony’s unity day isn’t just about enjoying delicious hot dogs and Frosty's ice cream cones, it’s about celebrating diversity.

At least according to long time BHA resident, Victoria Thomas. She wore a blue shirt as many unity day volunteers did with “OL’ SEA HOUSE” printed on the back, a made up slogan to identify Old Colony’s location by a waterfront.

“Unity days at Old Colony is about people coming together, putting aside their differences and having a good time.” Thomas said.

Each summer on unity day, residents of Old Colony public housing embrace what it means to be in a community. Whether it’s laughing it up with security officer Kingan or joining a team of toddlers playing tag, residents say outsiders get to see a broader perception of  Old Colony’s community on unity day than any other.

“Despite occasional drama, there really is a sense of community here,” said Lumina Mathurin of Old Colony. “And it’s very diverse.”

This year, the well-attended block party in Michael J. Perkins school lot included an international cook-off, for which BHA Adminstrator McGonangle participated in as a taste judge. PKMA students of Martial Arts impressed a crowd with their Japanese self-defense skills taught by Sensei Troy Sims and two B-3 police officers, brought friendly bomb sniffing labs to meet the kids.

“We want to make sure these kids know we’re on their side, despite what others may say.” Officer Cromwell said.

The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) and Greenovate Boston were also present at this year’s unity day, as part of Boston REACH to collaborate in an effort to promote health and environmental benefits of tap water.

At tables located near the “Unity in the Community” mural in the Perkins’ school yard,, REACH members called out to passing tenants to make soda free summer pledges and take blind taste tests to compare Old Colony tap water to bottled water.

“Would you like to do the tap water challenge?” Amina Egal, a REACH volunteer asked a face-painted boy. He agreed and Amina gave him a small dixie cup. Then she led him to two water coolers marked A and B, and said, “taste both waters and tell me which one you like.”
After tasting both, the boy smiled and pointed to tank B.

 “Why do you like it?” Amina asked.

"Because it tastes good."

Click here for more photos from Old Colony's Unity Day.


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